Lionel Lights

Lights bring any model train layout to life, adding a new dimension of realism and interest to your set up. Just like any municipality, Lionelville has a variety of lights and illumination in all shapes sizes and varieties. Wether you’re illuminating a train station scene, a miniature parking lot or a scale street setting, Lionel lamp post sets really create the perfect effect. Often these lamp posts can be purchased in sets of 3 and more.

One of our favorite types of model train layout lights is the flood light, with multiple bulbs these lights serve a dual purpose by looking good while creating an industrial realism and also by lighting a greater area of your layout than just a single bulb could.

A classic flood light example would be would be the Lionel 195 floodlight tower. The 195 was produced from 1957-1969 and additional add on arrays could be purchased for it (195-75). Also of note is the older Lionel 395 Floodlight tower, produced between 1949-1956. The variation (Type V) painted yellow is the most highly sought after version, Fetching a price between $100 – $250 depending on condition.
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Signal lights are also a crucial part of the realism in any model train layout. Combining motion and interaction with the trains. Rotary Beacons also give light motion and interest to a layout. Ultimately lights in and on the moving train are most important and Interior lighting of passenger cars and engine cabins can really contribute to the realism effect.

With the model or catalog number search here on you can find any kind of replacement Lionel lights needed for your model trains or layout and easily purchase it on ebay. Be sure to give this resource a try.