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Timken Trains for Sale


This is our current offering of Timken related items. If you don"t find the result you seek, be sure to visit again and try another model number search for more Timken related items as these listings are updating hourly.

Timken model number and Timken series items can be in high demand by model railroad collectors. You can see the results of this search below. Often Timken trains and listings may not be available. Some of these exceptional model railroad items are rare and difficult to obtain as collectors hold them and rarely sell such prizes.

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2 1990s K line Classic Freight Cars K 90007 Timken Roller 9001 MINT

$38.00 Buy It Now
--> Ends In 3h 4m <--

HO TIMKEN Roller Freight 4600740 Box Knuckles Sldng Dr MDP 97973 P1

--> Ends In 5h 18m <--

HO Model Power RTR Freight 97973 40 Box Car Timken Roller Bearings Freight

$11.98 Buy It Now
--> Ends In 19h 47m <--

Kline K 641 0001 Timken Classic Boxcar O O27

$17.50 Buy It Now
--> Ends In 20h 3m <--

LIONEL TIMKEN MADE IN USA FLATCAR train car o gauge flat car 6 81205 NEW

$64.84 Buy It Now
--> Ends In 22h 3m <--

Brand New Lionel O Timken Boxcar USA Made 6 81196

$49.95 Buy It Now
--> Ends In 1d 1h 29m <--

Model Power Ho Scale 40 Box W sliding Door 7973 Timken

$3.71 Buy It Now
--> Ends In 1d 2h 42m <--

Lionel 6464 500 Timken Box Car Licensed Reproduction Box

$6.95 Buy It Now
--> Ends In 1d 4h 30m <--

LIONEL TIMKEN BOXCAR MADE IN THE USA die cast metal trucks train prr 6 81196

$57.94 Buy It Now
--> Ends In 1d 5h 10m <--


--> Ends In 1d 8h 58m <--

Vintage TIMKEN O Scale Red Caboose Train Car

--> Ends In 1d 21h 50m <--

Lionel Lines Train Postwar 6464 500 Yellow Timken Box Car Train 1969 HAGERSTOWN

$299.99 Buy It Now
--> Ends In 2d 5m <--

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